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Riding - What You Need to Know

4 x 45 min + Q&A classes Friday & Saturday

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You think you know how to ride? Fair enough but imagine if you knew just a little bit more how better that would be. What helps you get round that corner more smoothly, how confident can you anticipate problems which haven't yet happened. What is it that makes you not just good, but incredibly good? Chief IAM motorcycle examiner Martin Doran will be putting forward his knowledge for your benefit. Small group sessions followed through with one to one personal time. Martin will also take small groups out for observational rides to look at your riding style.

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4 x 45 min + Q&A classes Friday & Saturday

I don't know about the Zen bit, but I do know a small team of very capable motorcycle mechanics who will offer small group technical sessions to help you understand your machine better. Explore the interior of an engine, understand the basic principles of propulsion. The more you know, the better rider you will be. Great for novice riders, super re-cap for the pro's.

Understand Your Rubber

4 x 45 min + Q&A classes Friday & Saturday

The complete physics of tyre use will be explained, quite how far you can push your tyre wear is all down to understanding the detail. What is the tread for: grip, getting ride of water, surface area for the heat.


I Want to Go on an Adventure ... but where?

So obvious and if you're serious about your riding, something you've simply got to do. I have assembled a team of very experienced motorcycle adventurers to talk to you, face to face about the adventure you want to do. The more local, the better. Post-pandemic you can't just head off, it's a bit more complicated than that, but there is a way you can do nearly everything you wanted to do if you know where to go and how.

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MORE details to be announced