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Win MaCH 2019 TiCKeTs

Win MaCH 2019 TiCKeTs

two tickets up for grabs

Two tickets up for grabs

Have you bought your ticket to the 2019 festival yet? then we've got Great news, you qualify to enter the competition to win your money back! Not bought your ticket yet? well there's no better time than right now. Every ticket bought before the 28th february qualifies for entry to win back the price of your ticket.

we'll be refunding the price paid for two tickets to the lucky winner/winners. Should the first name out of the hat have bought one ticket we'll select a second name. Should the first name out have bought two or more tickets they'll then win both free tickets.

all you need to do to enter is fill out the details below and hit submit before the 28th february. The winner will then be chosen at random on the 5th March.

good luck!

Good Luck!