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MACH 24 is now open for ticket sales. We have 300 tickets left, the first 100 tickets sold in the last two weeks.



MACH has finally come of age - we’ve grown up, a bit! Why? Because right at the start of our presenting MACH 24 to you, we have the enormous, incredible pleasure to announce our first headliner…

Ladies and Gentlemen may we introduce to you the world famous, the sensational, the very best prog-rock musician in the world…

Mr Rick Wakeman CBE

We’ve been chatting to Rick for a few years now and after a lovely meeting with the fella last week, he’s coming to MACH 24 with son Adam also on keyboards and ‘Strictly Dancing’ singer Haley Sanderson. The Rick Wakeman ‘trio’ will perform a two hour stage set and include tracks from “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. There will be full lighting and theatrical effects to support Rick’s performance plus we're working on having a ‘Baby Grand' to be at his disposal!

Details to follow. Will include an interview with Rick himself, live on the night.

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The MACH motorbike and music festival is about exactly that; riders who love adventuring on their bikes but also like great music and fine dining. At home base here at Tyntwll Farm we know all of our riders personally and what a great bunch they are. We also like not just good music, but great music. Our bands offer up virtuoso performances because like ex Stone Roses guitarist Aziz Ibrahim and the legendary Rick Wakeman are simply the best in the world. So, if you haven't found us yet you'll not know about 'Caroline's Kitchen' and her staff of wonderful ladies. it's about enjoying the very best food you just don't normally get at biker festivals. See you there!

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We are a tiny boutique motorcycle festival, built for bikers by Nick Sanders, one of the sports leading adventurers along with wife Dr Caroline, but with great food and music in mind. The smallness of it is what makes it so unique and in terms of quality and personality it has stand-out shout-aloud raise-your-arms-in-the-air moments that make your hairs stand up on the back of your neck. It's that good. People capacity will be around 400. 100 tickets already sold. Get yours now!


Our glamping tents are made of heavy duty cotton and come with lovely beds, cotton sheets and pillows with big fluffy duvets. Unfortunately all glamping has sold out as have the cabins.

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