WHeRe's MinI MaCH?

Our summer bash will be held at Nick and Dr. Caroline's gorgeous Welsh hide away. The address is:

Nick Sanders Expedition Centre, Abercegir, Machynlleth, POWYS, SY20 8NR

CAn I JUst TuRn Up On THe DaY?

No, Mini MACH is a pre-order event only. Tickets can be purchased from the Mini MACH shop.

WHerE ArE My TIckETs?

Physical tickets aren't being used for Mini MACH. There will be a guest list and you will need to bring your booking confirmation and proof of ID in order to gain entry to the event.

OpEniNg TiMes

Arrive from midday on the 18th June 2021

Leave by midday on the 20th June 2021

ComInG & GoInG FrOm THe FeSTivAL

Each guest will be given a wrist band on arrival, which they must present to people on the gate when re-entering the festival. 

ArE THeRe TOIleTs & ShOwErS?

There are toilets and hot showers. However, all of the water on site is supplied via a natural bore hole and rainwater harvesting, so it is not endless. With that in mind we ask that you to please try and limit shower time to a few minutes. With three fab showers there may be queues in the evening, better spread your needs throughout the day. 

IS ThE FoOd & DrInk EXpeNsIVe?

Our ethos is all about good fun at affordable prices. The food is home-cooked by Dr Caroline and is GORGEOUS. You'll not find better at our prices. Think £4.50 for a baked potato & salad, super highly crafted and sumptious burgers for a fiver and around £3.80 for a pint of incredible micro-brewed local beer. Don't worry, we won't be charging you £5 for a bottle of water, more like 50p to a £1.


In a word, no. Mini MACH is a small event with limited ticket numbers, therefore we are focusing on a very small number of full weekend tickets.

I'm A NoViCe RIdEr, Can I JOiN ThE RIdE OUtS?

Of course! We're a friendly bunch here at MACH and everyone is welcome to come along. The ride outs are done at a relaxed pace, there are people of all abilities and bikes of all types.

I'm In A BAnD, CaN We PLaY At MiNI MaCh?

Please send an email across to nick@nicksanders.com, he's our man picking the talent so will check you guys out and talk more. 

CAn I BUy StUfF On My CArD?

Of course. There will be a PayPal and card option, although cash is best for us as the internet can be slow. There are two cash points in Machynlleth so please stock up before you get to us, or dash over there during the festival if you need to grab some more. 

Whats the campsite like?

Can't deny it's a bit hilly, so a little clue is get here early tograb a flat bit, they are usually near a hedgerow. It's a fantastic location with loads of space and Nick's place at the top of the hill is a perfect festival pad. bring a sense of humour and you'll be fine:)


Sadly we can't host your four-legged friend as the field is normally used by cattle and herds of sheep and sheep don't like dogs in the same way dogs like sheep!


'Are they well behaved?' 


'As long as they are over 12 they're welcome to attend.'

CAn WE BoOk A TrADe StAnD?

There aren't trade stands at the MACH festivals, it's all about the riding, music and generally having a relaxed time in the Welsh countryside.

NoT FoUnD The AnSweR To YoUr QuEsTioN?

No problem, get in touch via the CONTACT page and we'll be happy to help.

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