MACH 23 - Live & Close Up.

It’s year 8 of the MACH evolution which started with the first MACH in 2016. It's a personal and family run event like no other and Nick Sanders’ latest festival has just been described as “one of the top three small events on the biker social calendar”.


Simply put MACH is a music festival for bikers. It has the best music of any bike show. The virtuosity from our stunningly talented musicians needs to be heard to be understood.













from famous bands - hear Aziz Ibrahim ex Stone Roses when he wrote for Ian Brown. MACH has The best theatrically staged circus-style performances. And MACH has the food - freshly produced home cooked foods from Dr Caroline’s Kitchen.


And that’s not all!


Not to mention our newly dedicated cocktail only bar (formerly just the bar) serving the best quality spirits in value for money fabulous measures. Next door is our new Real Ale saloon serving Montys best independent brew.


There’s more…!

High up on the pétanque court where we have the best view of the Cader Idris mountain in Wales we are building our brand new Prosecco Lounge, along with resident harpist, you can chill in your posh clothes living the dream.


And that’s not all!


We’re installing two new showers on-site (5 now permanently available) and hiring a “Posh Wash Village” - free entry to posh loos and 5 more showers (10 in all).


Beyond the fire-pit stands the Tom Thomas tree, a large oak named after the present farmers Uncle Tom. This will become illuminated as the mid Wales All Male Voice choir perform to make the hairs stand up on the back of our necks!


To be developed: the Yamaha e-gravel bicycle race track. Launched in September this year we will have 10 for you to demo…to form teams for short races, to solo and set up the fastest lap of the field - this should be a hoot!


And more…the Grand Raffle