To everyone who attended MACH 22 a few weeks ago, from Caroline and me a really big thank you. We’ve had some fab social media responses and emails, it all sounds as if we all got something a little bit right. What's really exciting is that there's room for a lot of very interesting and cool developments.


For MACH 23 there will be two new small circuses as well as the Circus of Horrors who will be back with a brand new show.


Our headline band will be a Pink Floyd tribute ensemble, one of the best we can find. Look out for late night cabaret; a cheeky little number including a little Burlesque Vaudeville-style show and an Escapologist and a Magician who can bend the unbendable in front of your eyes!


There will be a minimum of 10 amazing bands including, would you believe, the Mid Wales Male Voice Choir singing around our illuminated grand Oak Tree.


The best adventure speakers and motorcycle experts in the UK will be invited to talk throughout the day so there won't be a single gap in the weekend when there isn’t something to do. Sit round the fire afterwards.

Great DIY Ride-Outs and - MACH-goers know we have the best small rides in the world - plus IAM observed rides if you're new or feel a bit rusty. Check out Steph Jeavons Off Road Rides.


Introducing for the first time, the Great MACH Raffle with £2000 worth of prizes along with our motoring treasure hunt, the ‘MACH Adventure Quest’, all the quiz riding within a radius of less than 20 miles. 

Prize for the "Best Journey to MACH" - we'll tell you more later.


Also new to MACH is the very cool Dr Caroline’s Hilltop Prosecco Lounge with our resident harpist and up the hill behind the house, the Magic Coffee Pot, a chill out zone with free tea and coffee cooked over an open fire - musicians will be in attendance, probably playing the piano with their toes!

Look out for our Yamaha electric gravel bicycle demos - bicycles with an engine - a project coming to a Yamaha motorcycle dealer near you - and we will have a fleet for short competitions, time trials or maybe just a bit of fun, on the new racetrack on the field!


Caroline and me love our little festival and the moment we’ve signed up something pretty groovy - tightrope, human cannonball - I mean who knows! - but all you guys on our mailing list will be the first to know.


A known reviewer said, “Mach has rapidly become one of the top 3 small events in the ‘must go to’ biker social calendar.” Fair enough, so let’s talk up MACH 23.


A word about the price increase. Sadly everything costs so much more and we are absorbing as much as we can but in line with other festivals out there, we’ve had to put up the ticket price but I personally guarantee that the price of food and drink will 100% stay at 2022 prices.

Nick Sanders

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This is the STANDARD MACH ticket. Valid for 25th - 28th May 2023. A full 3 day and 3 night extravaganza. Includes entry to all bands, bike parking and 3 nights of  camping included. £89

This is for an extended VIP MACH ticket.  Have an extended holiday n Wales. Valid for Wednesday 24th May 2023. A full extra day and VIP night and extra camping. Chat with Nick and some of the speakers in a more relaxed setting. You must have a STANDARD MACH ticket to get this extra night. £10

"I just wanted to say what a great event you hosted.

This was my first time at Mach and it surpassed my expectations.

Loved it, just the right size, super friendly, great music and food too.

In particular I thought your staff were exceptional,

worked relentlessly and were always super happy (despite being tired!)."

As for you two, legends!

Brilliant weekend, thanks again 

Keith Haddleton

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