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Chris Scott

This is a guy I admire greatly. I true adventurer in every sense of the world. We are really honoured to have Chris spend some time with us. Read his bio below and you’ll see what I mean.






Since 1982 Chris has undertaken over fifty expeditions or tours through the Sahara from Egypt to the Atlantic by motorcycle, 4×4, M.A.N truck, Mercedes saloon car, bush taxi and with camel caravans. All this has enabled him to gain an unparalleled knowledge of the practicalities of desert travel across the entire Sahara both as a tourist, a driver, rider, trekker and as a tour leader.

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Chris’s books, Sahara OverlandAdventure Motorcycling Handbook (‘AMH’), Overlanders’ Handbook and Morocco Overland have frequently been described as ‘bibles’ for adventurous overland travel. 

In 1997 Chris was the first to coin the term ‘adventure motorcycling’ to describe overland travel by motorcycle.


In 1998 Chris was one of the first British motorcyclists to visit the slowly emerging Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, or ‘Libya’ for short. In1988 he led his first Sahara motorcycle tour and in 2000 and 2001 he organised and led the first UK 4×4 and motorcycle tours to return to Algeria as well as Libya.

In 2003 he led the Desert Riders expedition across unvisited parts of southern Algeria to the Tenere Desert’s Lost Tree in Niger. A film about our trip was broadcast on National Geographic Channel. A few visits to Egypt’s Gilf Kebir followed, then in 2006 he organised an exclusive tour to view the Saharan Eclipse in Niger, and in the same year completed the second known traverse of the Majabat al Koubra or as he translated it, the Saharan ‘Empty Quarter’ from Mauritania to Algeria, on the way traversing half the width of the Sahara, but not without having to abandon his Toyota pickup before he even got halfway across.

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What: two talks + Q&A

Where: Cinema

When: Friday 7pm, Saturday 7pm

Small group workshops.

Steph jeavons


Equally this is a woman I also greatly admire. A contemporary adventurer, active right now, walking the walk, a fearless character who rode solo to 7 continents on her Honda CRF 250L finishing in 2018.

Steph Jeavons is an author, journalist, and adventurer who just (April 2018) completed a solo around-the-world (RTW) trip that took her to all 7 continents. A world first. The journey lasted a few days short of four years, during which she logged 53 countries and more miles (over 74,000) on a 250cc Honda than anyone who’s come before.


Born in Canada, she’s lived most of her life in Wales and considers it home.


Steph's book, "Home by Seven" available at the Gathering.

Welsh girl Steph Jeavons ran away to see the world. She wanted to see the sunset from every angle. She wanted to see an orangutan and a baobab tree. She wanted to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe and ride a motorcycle on all seven continents - and to sing karaoke on the way.


Steph’s cravings for escapism manifest themselves in many ways throughout her life. The book begins in her late teens where she finds herself in prison by the age of twenty. She knows there is a whole world beyond that razor wire just calling out to be explored. 


Twenty years later, and armed only with a stern tone of voice she reserves for naughty dogs, drunk Turks, Iranian taxi drivers, semi-conscious British soldiers and Saudi truckers, she rides her trusty steed Rhonda the Honda solo around the world, to the highest, driest, wettest, hottest and coldest corners of the earth. 


This is a powerful and honest memoir written from the perspective of a liberated single woman taking on the world with a dogged determination to complete her mission at all costs. 

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Ride with Steph.

Entry level off road tasters with Steph & her team. Contact 

Morning sessions:£30

Afternoon sessions:£30

What: one Q&A session only

Where: Cinema

When: Friday 7pm

Informal off-road workshops