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Ride with a Guide

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"Ride with a Guide" - a new addition to our MACH adventure activities. As part of our volunteer force of Mach 'friends & guides, the great lads at the Gwent Police Bikers Club along with the IAM. Some of the club members are fully trained police motorcyclists with advanced riding certification from both Rospa (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) and the Institute of Advanced Motorcycling (IAM). Two of the highest ranked safety bodies for advanced training for motorcyclists - in a word, these guys have a lot of knowledge to pass on.

In small groups of 10, you can sign up free, to ride with each of our Mach Guides for one of each of 4 riding sessions over the weekend. You are not bering guided, just riding casually with our experts, but who knows, this might be the first exploratory step to becoming a member of IAM or Rospa!


Our fabulous festival guides know the 'BEST' routes locally, the finest cafes and ace places to stop and take a photograph. Their knowledge of our local routes is exhaustive and something we can share with you. Liabilities and riding will be your own responsibility, the rest we'll take care of. Sign up on the day. Places are limited.

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