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The BIG RIDE is a mass ride out and is one of the many highlights of the MACH weekend. We leave at 10am on Saturday morning, home by about 2pm, we'll ride about 80 miles. Led by Nick using the 'drop-off' system at every junction. We all end up at a spacious location where the tea and cake van (£3) will serve tea's, coffee's, chocolate, walnut cake and Victoria Sponge

Big Ride.jpg


1) Start the ride with a FULL TANK. We can't wait at gas stations to fuel. If you need to fuel en route, do it quickly individually and catch us up if you can, you will have been given the route at the briefing. THERE IS NO FUEL IN MACHYNLLETH


2) The "Drop-off" system means that who ever is behind the lead rider - in this case Nick - you drop off at whatever junction we have reached if we intend to turn right or left. The "drop-off" rider then resumes the right by waiting until the rear marshall riding as last man turns up and you slip into the line-out in front of him. 

3) If you get lost, don't worry, it's not mid-winter Siberia without a phone, go for a ride, enjoy the day, see you back at the farm. 

4) Breakdown, I am sure some kind rider will help but to be retrieved you'll need rescue membership.

5) We don't ride fast, the success of this ride is governed by how many of us stay together until the end. The first ride 7 years ago, I lost everyone! We're better at it now:)

6) If you want to drop off to a cafe en route, please do. You do NOT need to complete the ride, you DO need to enjoy being in beautiful mid Wales:)

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