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Information for MACH

Ok, MACH-goers, let's start at the beginning - how to get to MACH. I don't know how to do coordinates and all that so programme your Sat Nav with TYNTWLL, ABERCEGIR, SY20 8NR and you'll get here. The below maps help those averse to electronic guidance!

Map 1 - UK.png

Let's get you a bit closer if you are very far away; you're heading to MACHYNLLETH, the ancient capital of Wales and the seat of Owain Glyndŵr's Welsh Parliament in 1404. You don't need to go into town unless you want to get a bit of cash from the ATM or grab a coffee from the many fine cafes. You'll see a few MACH banners where the A489 meets the small village road to ABERCEGIR 3 miles east of Machynlleth, 35 miles west of Welshpool and Newtown - just to give you some bearings.

Map 2 - Mid Wales.png

You see below the A489 and from the east you turn left and south onto an un named village road to ABERCEGIR. 30mph limit into the village, please watch for local horse riding activity and slow down to walking pace as you pass. As you enter the village keep right at the small fork and look out for the red telephone box on your left immediately after which turn right - marked - and up the farm track to the registration table where you will be signed in. 

Map 3 - Gwydol Valley.png

MACH-goers have long forgiven us for our hilly campsite but as I say, when you're belly is full of warm food or beer or fine dining cocktails, if you do slide out of your tent think of it as a memorable experience, take a blanket, stay warm, enjoy the stars! OR, get here early and bag the flat bits! 


IMPORTANT NOTE. Either park by your tent or if hesitant about riding on grass, park uphill ON THE RIGHT. We must have emergency access to the site so please leave the track clear with room for emergency vehicles, thanks. 

Pre-erected tent people ride up to the top of the track and turn left, follow the signs, same with glampers.

Map 4 - Mach Festival site.png

A few notes

You are coming to my home and it's a real pleasure to welcome you as a guest. Caroline and myself love having you at MACH and for the past 6 years we've been running this wonderful event and all of our guests have been fabulous. You have become our friends and we know most of the regulars personally (you quickly become a regular!). We want to keep it like this so there are a few house rules:

1) Quiet Time is 1am. Please no more chatting etc after this as sound travels to the village. We've never had a single complaint from our villagers, from anyone and that is why we are allowed to do this. Our festival license is until 12.30pm and if we get complaints we lose it and no more MACH. Falling over is fine, getting lost in the bushes, fine, foot in the stream very we start the party early and we party like there's no tommorow, but we finish on time, thanks.

2) Food & Drink. If you want to prepare your own food by your tent, enjoy, it's part of camping. Even if you bring a bottle of beer to enjoy with your meal, great. But our ticket price is stupidly low (compare ABR at 3x the price) and you realise we must make a profit and that includes your patronage at the restaurant and the Biker Bar. Please help us out at the bar and at Caroline's Kitchen because we will keep our prices absolutely at the minimum - £6 / 7 for a full home-cooked meal, £4 for a pint of amazing craft ale, £5 for a super strong cocktail - you got it, we're on the same side. We buy locally and employ all our lovely staff from the community on proper wages and you know what, they adore you, our audience...!

3) MACH is about Music. Some of the bands have played before but always with new material and by public demand, but we have some great new bands we also like to try out. There will be some talks but it's music priority. (The Adventure Gathering later in August is the opposite where we have the highest calibre of speakers)

4) MACH is also about incredible ride-outs. You've come this far, go a wee bit further, just a few miles, we'll show you where there are some traffic-free roads which will blow you away. FRIDAY late morning just go and do your ride if you wish until mid afternoon, just enjoy the local area of mid Wales, check out the local cafes , ride with me and my guides - we'll show you where. Maps will be handed out for 30, 40 and 50 mile runs. 

5) THE BIG RIDE on the Saturday. Your choice but if you want to be led by myself on a route only the locals know we'll all buzz off together on a mass ride out - yep maybe 350+ of us, it's great! The "drop-off" system is used so when you get to a junction, if you are behind me, second in line, you stop at the junction and direct everyone past you then rejoin at the back of the line but in front of the marshall who will be back marker. This is not a guided ride so you do it at your own responsibility and drop off the ride whenever you want and make your way home. If you do get lost, you'll haver been given the reference for the Cake Van which will meet us for lunch so you could catch us up. Otherwise have fun getting lost! be safe; crashes and breakdowns you'll need a mobile phone and an account with a rescue service. If you're really stuck or course we'll help you out:....)


6) Parking your bike. As per the map, park only on the right facing uphill and as far right as possible so we can give access to emergency vehicles and bands.

7) Pay by Cash. We do have internet but only just enough to run our cashless swipey machines and sometimes they won't work. So a) you'll have to use your own data to communicate with the outside world and b) should be ok but please bring some cash just in case we can't take your card.

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