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Guest Speakers

If you know MACH you know we focus on music but we have a super cute cinema.  For MACH 23 we showed Nick's brand new 64 min feature about his ride around the world on Yamaha's flagship adventure bike, the Ténéré 700. We might show it again for those who have not seen it, but this year we have as our main guest speakers a young couple Sean Michael and Emily Rose, known on their social media posts as Sean & Emily Travels. If anyone represents the new wave of travellers, adventuring as a couple then these two people are making their way into the minds and hearts of our fellow motorcycling audience but in their hundreds of thousands, in fact their recent social figures exist in their millions. They are gaining astonishing numbers and through their kind and good hearted travel performances, you will soon see why.

Sean & Emily

Sean and Emily.JPG

From their website: We are Sean and Emily. Husband & wife, photographers and adventurers, content creators that live in Switzerland. Over the last few years we have travelled to over 55 countries. Our whirlwind love story involves long distance, motorbikes and lots of love letters.

When we are not home, you will find us outdoors exploring and adventuring our way around the world. We travel the world hand in hand, discovering new places and making memories.

We fell in love with the magic of Montenegro, the busy streets of Minsk, the coffee shops of Vienna and the beautiful vistas of Albania. Our aim is to inspire others to discover unique places with us as we document the details of our travels.

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